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How are the reports processed?

The notifier will be informed within seven days (7 days) from the receipt of the report if they have provided their contact information. Impartial and reliable processors selected by the company will conduct a preliminary investigation to determine whether the report complies with the Whistleblower Directive and this guidance, and whether the report is accepted for investigation.

Processors may reject the report if it is evident that the report does not concern a situation covered by this guidance, if the report was not made in good faith, if it was made with malicious intent, if there is insufficient information available to initiate an investigation, if the accuracy of the provided information cannot be reliably determined, or if the matter presented in the report has already been resolved.

The notifier will be informed within three months (3 months) of the delivery of the acknowledgment of receipt about the actions to be taken based on the report. Appropriate corrective measures, if necessary, always rely on the results of a thorough investigation. Confidentiality and the obligation of secrecy also apply to individuals involved in the investigation. The organization may appoint experts to verify the accuracy of the report. All information exchange is confidential and protected by legislation.