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Confidential Reporting Channel


Kotico Group and Odum Oy

Target group:

Kotico Group’s employees, customers and partners

Processors of reports:

Hanna-Mari Piikkilä, Kotico Group

Maintainer of the reporting channel:

Odum Oy

Background and guidance:

This reporting channel and related guidelines are approved by the company’s administration. The channel provides the company’s personnel with the opportunity to confidentially report suspicions of misconduct, violations, or activities that contravene the regulations of the European Union or national laws, as outlined in the directive (EU) 2019/1937 on the protection of persons reporting breaches of Union law also known as the “Whistleblower Directive.”

The directive protects individuals who report information on unlawful acts, fraud, corruption, or other misconduct related to the application of EU legislation. The national law on the protection of persons reporting breaches of EU and national law 1171/2022 strengthens the implementation of the directive in Finland.

The whistleblowing reporting channel is an important tool for reducing risks and maintaining trust, as it helps companies detect potential misconduct and respond to it at an early stage.


All reports made through the WB smart reporting channel are processed confidentially, and the channel’s technology is based on a secure and encrypted service. All reports are taken seriously, and your employer is committed to ensuring that all reports of suspected violations and misconduct are processed confidentially, promptly, and in accordance with the law.

Processing and investigation of reports:

The company is obligated to name a person or persons responsible for processing the report.The individuals chosen must be capable of carrying out their duties with impartiality and independence. The individuals designated by the company to process reports are bound by confidentiality and impartiality. Necessary measures are taken promptly from the receipt of the reports to the initiation of actions, and the whistleblower is informed in accordance with legal obligations. In a potential investigation, employees may be interviewed to verify the accuracy of the reports. Employees must keep all information received during the investigation confidential. If necessary, external individuals may be involved in the investigation, and confidentiality also applies to them.

The report processors may reject a report if it is evident that the report does not concern the provisions of the directive and national law, does not comply with the guidelines, or the report has already been processed. The report processor may also reject a report if it is not made in good faith, made with malicious intent, there is insufficient information to initiate an investigation, or the veracity of the given information cannot be reliably determined.