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Blow whistle

Through this reporting channel, you can report suspicions of crimes, violations, or misconduct that have occurred in the Kotico Group. Before making a report, familiarize yourself with the WB Smart website, especially the information under the Reporter section. You will find information about who can report, what you can report, the protection afforded to the reporter, and more.

You can make a report using your name and contact information or without them; in both cases, your anonymity will be protected. We recommend that you include your name and contact information in the report so that the company’s reliable processors can contact you to ask clarifying questions and ensure the investigation of reports in the best possible way.

You will receive confirmation of the report’s receipt within seven days (7 days) from the report processor. Only individuals designated by the employer as report processors have access to process the information, and they are bound by confidentiality.

We carefully protect personal information throughout its lifecycle. All communication is encrypted, ensuring that submitting the report and its attachments is secure.

Please review the privacy policy before submitting the report.


Describe your concern in as much detail as possible so that we can take necessary actions. For instance, you can mention individuals related to the report, dates, and locations. You can also attach electronic materials to your report.

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