ODUM Health System – Everyone has the right to be fit for work


ODUM Health System allows the comprehensive development and maintenance of the personnel’s fitness for work in companies. The system provides company management, HR departments and occupational health services with support and practical tools to identify risks and improve your staff’s fitness for work.

ODUM Oy was founded in 1988 to monitor the effectiveness of work fitness rehabilitation programs. The company served both Finnish and European customers. In the late 1990s, the indicators of work well-being and fitness were transported into a web-based system which enabled the cost-effective collection, analysis and reporting of the high-quality research data.

The company is owned by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, BPM Group and a group of ODUM employees. ODUM Health System is used to assess the work fitness of over 50,000 employees annually.

Strength lies in partnership – developing work fitness across disciplines

ODUM Health System is produced and maintained by an active network of partners.

Health companies, system providers, occupational well-being experts and insurance companies are included in the network. Measuring and developing the work fitness of our clients’ personnel requires professional expertise in various fields.

Usable data

Valuable data on staff well-being. An efficient system for data management and targeting to ensure your personnel’s fitness for work.


A comprehensive process for work fitness development with proven results. The process includes experts in various fields. As a result, your personnel’s quality of life is improved and the company’s profitability increases.


Building profitability with improved work fitness and well-being.
Managing work well-being and reducing sick leaves enhances the company’s profitability.

Privacy and security

Managing data on work fitness and well-being requires high standards on privacy. All our services are designed to be secure and confidential.

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