Your well-being is our passion.

The well-being of an organisation is measured by the well-being of its individuals. Odum’s digital health solutions help you and your organisation reach your full potential.

Promotes well-being at work, provably.

Provides valuable information on staff well-being and risks.

Efficient processes, effective targeting of resources.

Odum Health System - Comprehensive system that digitalises occupational health care in Finland

Odum Health System is a comprehensive and multidiscliplinary system offered to companies and health care service providers in Finland.

Usable data

Valuable data on staff well-being. An efficient system for data management and targeting to ensure your personnel’s fitness for work.


A comprehensive process for work fitness development with proven results. The process includes experts in various fields. As a result, your personnel’s quality of life is improved and the company’s profitability increases.


Building profitability with improved work fitness and well-being.
Managing work well-being and reducing sick leaves enhances the company’s profitability.

Privacy and security

Managing data on work fitness and well-being requires high standards on privacy. All our services are designed to be secure and confidential.

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