Your well-being is our passion.

The well-being of an organisation is measured by the well-being of its individuals. Odum’s digital health solutions help you and your organisation reach your full potential.

Promotes well-being at work, provably.

Provides valuable information on staff well-being and risks.

Efficient processes, effective targeting of resources.

Odum Health System - Comprehensive system that digitalises occupational health care in Finland

Odum Health System is a comprehensive and multidiscliplinary system offered to companies and health care service providers in Finland.

Usable data

Valuable data on staff well-being. An efficient system for data management and targeting to ensure your personnel’s fitness for work.


A comprehensive process for work fitness development with proven results. The process includes experts in various fields. As a result, your personnel’s quality of life is improved and the company’s profitability increases.


Building profitability with improved work fitness and well-being.
Managing work well-being and reducing sick leaves enhances the company’s profitability.

Privacy and security

Managing data on work fitness and well-being requires high standards on privacy. All our services are designed to be secure and confidential.

AlvinOne - Intelligent and automated well-being in your phone, wherever you are

AlvinOne is an artificial intelligence based application that can accurately predict its users’ risk of becoming ill, perform electronic health evaluations and provide personal feedback on how to proceed. AlvinOne will soon be available globally in several languages.


Prevention is the key

Many of the most common illnesses we know, such as musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes, stress-related illness, depression and addiction are preventable or the prognosis of the treatment is higher the earlier the illness is noticed.

Information is the first step

We believe the first step of pursuing healthy years to come is acknowledging our personal risks and finding information on our state of health. AlvinOne will predict your risk of reduced health or illness for the next 12 months in just a few minutes with an accuracy rate of up to 83%.

Alvin is intelligent

The technology behind AlvinOne is based on a self-learning algorithm developed in collaboration with VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland). Years of research and the analysis of 5,5M health factors led to the creation of an artificial intelligence that fits in your pocket.


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